Hiking to El Mirador, Guatemala – All your questions answered!

What to do when you visit Flores, Peten, Guatemala? / Flores top tourist activities

FAQs about El Mirador Mayan ruins including La Danta, located nearby Flores, Peten, Guatemala, including what to bring, guided tour information, cost, & more!

There are very few experiences in life that are truly and completely unique, something you could never describe fully in photos or words, something only a few people in this entire world have done, something you could never really imagine without experiencing it…the hike to El Mirador, Guatemala, is one of those experiences.

El Mirador was one of the most important ancient Mayan cities and is home to La Danta, the largest pyramid in the world. Exploration of the site is ongoing and therefore it is constantly evolving, but much is still left to be discovered. With the El Mirador jungle trek, you embark on a 5 to 6 day adventure into the Guatemalan wilderness to visit this ancient civilization, surrounded by animals, nature, and thousands of years of Mayan history. After hiking days into the jungle with only your guide and the wild monkeys to forge a path, summiting La Danta, and watching a breathtaking sunset from the top of the world, nothing but trees in all four directions for as far as the eye can see—then you will feel what is so special about this once in a lifetime experience!

Sounds interesting, but you have some questions? We have the information you need! Keep reading for answers to all the frequently asked questions about visiting La Danta & El Mirador, Guatemala.

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What to do when you visit Flores?

Flores (Peten, Guatemala) top tourist activities

You’ve probably heard about the Tikal ruins (if not, read more about visiting this important Mayan site) since it’s the most popular tourist activity in Flores, but maybe you’re not so sure what else you can do while you’re in town? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of our suggestions for awesome activities to do around Peten that will make your visit to Flores truly memorable.

Click the links below for full details & local tips on each activity!

Explore San Miguel, located just a few minutes boat ride from Flores, where you can relax with other travelers at Jorge’s Rope Swing, swim in the clear waters at Chechenal beach, enjoy beautiful views from the El Mirador lookout point, or visit Las Arcas wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

Craving some time in the water and nature? Try a day trip to El Remate for an easy and relaxing location to enjoy the lake and surrounding nature, or head to Crater Azul to visit a less traveled natural wonder of Guatemala.

Interested in Mayan history and looking for a more adventurous experience? The ruins at Yaxha are less touristy than Tikal, but can still be accessed in an easy day trip, and you can even camp overnight in the park. For something truly unique, the El Mirador hike takes you on a 5 or 6 day adventure into the Guatemalan jungle to visit La Danta, the largest temple in the world!

If shopping is more your style, you can stroll across the bridge into Santa Elena town and visit the local marketplace for fruits & veggies, electronics, and clothing. For thrift shop lovers, the Megapaca second hand clothing store has a huge selection at super cheap prices.

Want to brush up on your Spanish? Dos Mundos Spanish School is a great choice with excellent teachers and one-on-one instruction. Whether you have just a few hours, several days, or several weeks, there are options for every schedule, including homestays. You can see their website with all the details here.

Short on time? Just enjoy Flores! The island is small, cozy, and relaxed, featuring many delicious restaurants (check out our restaurant guide for tips) and tiny shops around the perimeter, and welcomes tourists from all over the world every day. With its colorful architecture and sloping cobblestone streets, Flores is a photographers dream, not to mention the breathtaking sunsets over lake Peten-Itza. Grab a drink at one of the many rooftop terraces, or just head down to the benches that run along the waterline and enjoy the view. If you visit during rainy season, you might see clouds but that won’t ruin the view because you’ll also get to enjoy the impressive invasion of golondrinas, birds that migrate here seasonally and circle in flocks over the water at sunset, blanketing the sky, before eventually perching for the night along every telephone wire and rooftop ledge in Flores. 

Need any help with tours, transport, or any questions for your trip to Flores? Check out our page and contact us for any assistance 🙂

Crater Azul, Backpacker Style

What to do when you visit Flores, Peten, Guatemala? / Flores top tourist activities

Crater Azul is one of the many untouched natural wonders of Guatemala. If you want to experience pristine nature, beautiful scenery, swimming in crystal blue water, something off the beaten path and with a dash of adventure, this destination is perfect for you!

Located in Peten, nearby the town Las Cruces, Crater Azul can easily be visited as a day trip from Flores. There are organized tours that you can take, which travel through Sayaxche and involve a shuttle and boat ride combination (which we also offer here) but these can end up pretty pricey for solo backpackers or budget travelers. For those of you interested in getting to Crater Azul without a tour, we have the answer! Here are all the details on how to travel to Crater Azul via public transportation (collectivo bus) to Las Cruces followed by a 5km walk to the crater, skipping the boat detour in Sayaxche, and making the entire trip for about Q100 per person.

Crater Azul, Guatemala

Here’s our backpackers guide & local tips to visiting Crater Azul on your own:

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