El Mirador

There are very few experiences in life that are truly and completely unique, something you could never describe fully in photos or words, something only a few people in this entire world have done, something you could never really imagine without experiencing it….El Mirador is one of those experiences.

El Mirador was one of the most important ancient Mayan cities and is home to La Danta, the largest pyramid in the world. Exploration of the site is ongoing and therefore it is constantly evolving, but much is still left to be discovered. With the El Mirador jungle trek, you will embark on a 5 to 6 day adventure into the Guatemalan wilderness to visit this ancient civilization, surrounded by animals, nature, and thousands of years of Mayan history.

You can read descriptions, but once you’ve hiked two days into the jungle with only your guide and the wild monkeys to forge a path, summited La Danta, and are watching a breathtaking sunset from the top of the world, nothing but trees in all four directions for as far as the eye can see—then you will feel what is so special about this once in a lifetime experience.

Amazing El Mirador hike with an amazing hostel!

David, USA, ( 10/10 )

They were able to answer all my questions about El Mirador hike and it was a great surprise to see that they offered the tour at a way lower price than I had seen advertised online with other companies. I took the trip with them and had an awesome experience with a fun group and a guide and cook that were amazing!! I really liked my time in the hostel as well, with the garden, tasty homemade ice cream after the 6 day hike, and the nice vibe around the place.

Reviewed: November 17, 2018

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El Mirador Tour

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