San Miguel Walking Tour

On this free walking tour of San Miguel, the town right across the water from Flores, you will visit the archeological museum, beach, and viewpoint accompanied by a local guide. Along the way you will learn more about the area, get to swim in the clear waters of Lake Peten Itza, enjoy a picnic on the beach, see beautiful views overlooking the lake and the entire island, and may even run into wild monkeys on the path! This is a great chance to see the natural area surrounding Flores, learn from a local, and practice your Spanish.


This tour is led by a Flores local who wants to help tourists enjoy his beautiful hometown and had an idea for a new activity the area was missing. He does not charge anything, but please consider tipping for his time and service :)

What to bring
  • Water and food/snacks for your picnic
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Q15 total for boat and beach fees, plus extra for a tip
  • Set tour every Thursday at 10:30am

San Miguel Tour

$ 0 (Free)